We cook how we like it so you can eat what you like 

Helmut Sugg                           

I live for the adrenaline that occurs in the moments before serving the table.

Chef Sugg lives his passion in the tranquility of his house in Costambar,Puerto Plata.

Originally from Germany and having lived more than thirty years in the Dominican Republic, his travels around the world and work experience in 10 different countries make him an expert in international cuisine.

That a professional Chef opens the doors of his house to receive guests arises as a trend in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century, and during these years it has become popular throughout the world. It is known as mealsurfing. The guests enjoy special menus and in our case, live a unique experience in town. It is ideal for everyone. Entire families, couples, groups of friends or co-workers who choose to reserve through our website and live a different culinary experience.