Eat at the Chef's house

When you visit Table One, know the menu in advance and make sure, for just one price, five quality dishes. Also the possibility of enjoying with friends or until now unknown, a space, (either on the terrace overlooking the golf course or the lounge), where you can appreciate the kitchen and know in detail the chef who will prepare the dishes . Departir with him and comport experience. It is an intimate and reserved evening for at least four and maximum eight guests.

Excellence service

As soon as you book an experience in Table One, the team prepares for you to live a memorable evening.



in the city

When you arrive you feel that you have arrived at the house of good friends and when you sit down at the table, you are transported to an exclusive restaurant where you are the king.

Gourmet food

Our proposal is that you decide what to eat between each of the options we have designed for you.

Check the menu

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1:00- 4:30 p.m.



7:00-  10:30 p.m.